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40HHsm 40HH Replacement handle for any tool that has a 40 inch Hickory Handle...$19.95
FHAH-60sm FHAH-60 60 inch Replacement Ash Handle for any of the Field Hoe models...$13.95
FHsm FH Replacement Fiberglass Handle...will fit any Hoe/Tool that has a fiberglass handle....$19.95
handle Length
GHAHsm GHAH Replacement Ash handle for any of the Garden Hoe Models $13.95
handle Length handle width
SHAHsm SHAH Replacement 60 inch Ash Handle for any of the Scuffle Hoe Models...$13.95
FHAH-60sm HRAH Ash handle replacement for the 70HR..with a drop down of 48 and 54 inch...$13.95...call 417-962-5091 for orders of 12 or more.

handle Length handle width